Chicago Public School Discipline Code

All elements of the Chicago Public School Student Code of Conduct are implemented without exception.  New Sullivan Elementary School is a safe haven for every student.  Disregarding school rules, fighting, bullying, taunting and inappropriate language and behaviors will not be tolerated and can result in suspensions where appropriate. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for more information.

Dress Code Policy

The purpose of the school dress code is to promote a positive learning environment for the students.  The development of this policy is in accordance with the Chicago Public Schools Uniform or Dress Code Policy section 707.1 of the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual.  In developing this policy we have taken into consideration the mission of the school and the safety of our children.

New Sullivan Elementary School has banned the wearing of t-shirts and opted to require all students to wear a collared shirt as part of the official school uniform. This revision was adopted by Local School Council June 21, 2011.  The official revised school uniform became effective as of September 6, 2011.


Effective School Year 2015-2016, ALL New Sullivan students must wear a “New Sullivan Branded” polo style shirt.  Pre K - 7th Grade students will wear a black shirt.  8th Grade ONLY will wear a purple shirt.  All students must purchase and wear a New Sullivan gym uniform. Coming prepared for gym, which means wearing the New Sullivan gym uniform, is part of the grade your child receives in gym class.


Clothes, hairstyles, jewelry, etc. which disrupt the learning environment, based on the judgment of school officials, are not acceptable. The following guidelines will help you assess your child’s school wardrobe and hairstyles. The school retains the right to judge what is and is not disruptive to the school-learning environment. The dress code applies to all students. 

Our dress code prohibits the wearing of the following:

  • Shorts, there are no exceptions
  • Skirts higher than 2 inches above the knee
  • Tight skirts
  • Any clothing that exposes the midriff, back, or thighs
  • Low cut, tight fitting blouses or tops
  • Sheer, see-through clothes
  • Clothes that advertise drug/alcohol use, contain profane language, or include language or pictures which promote violence or sex, offensive pictures or statements
  • Bibbed pants (overalls pants/dresses) which are worn unfastened
  • Baggy style pants which are not secured at the waist so that underwear is visible or pants are sagging
  • Outdoor hats and jackets worn inside the building unless for religious observances
  • Earrings are not to be worn by male students. More than two earrings per ear is not permitted for female students
  • Earrings are not allowed in a student’s nose, lips, eyebrow or visible body part other than ears
  • Excessive and expensive jewelry is not to be worn.
  • Tee shirts with or without slogans are not permitted.
  • Clothing which degrades and disrespects gender, age, race, nationality, or disability is not permitted.
  • Lavish haircuts that depict words/designs and hairstyles with glitter, colored wordings or excessive parts and extreme “updo's” are not acceptable
  • Notched or “parted” eyebrows
  • No gang affiliated clothing, including but not limited to colors, designs, logos, bandanas, caps, “discreet references” or gym shoes are permitted. 

No leggings, no jeggings, no yoga pants, no denim jeans in any style or color will be acceptable as part of the uniform.  No drawstring or warm-up/jogging pants will be acceptable as part of the uniform.  No t-shirt of any style will be acceptable as part of the uniform (this includes the school’s gym uniform).  Athletic hoodies are not permitted.  

The final judgment as to the appropriateness of dress and appearance rests with the principal.  Assistance may be provided to families with special needs and circumstances based on needs assessment by Counselor and or Social Worker and approval by the Chicago Board of Education.

Clothing for religious purposes are permitted only when a parent/guardian has informed the school in writing that the deviation from the dress code is to adhere to religious beliefs.

The following list of items was created to reflect the elements of the New Sullivan Uniform Dress Code, where Students Dress for Success.

  • SHIRT: Pre-K thru 7th graders will wear black school logo shirt., 8th graders will wear purple school logo shirts.  ALL SCHOOL SHIRTS MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE SCHOOL. *New uniform cost $10.00.
  • PANTS: Black dress or uniform style slacks and khakis are acceptable on boys and girls at any time.  Black corduroy dress or uniform style slacks will be acceptable during the colder weather months.  Pants must fit appropriately being neither too long in the inseam nor to low on the hip with a belt.
  • SHOES: Black shoes are the only acceptable footwear.  Gym shoe are only to be worn on students assigned gym day.  Boots are allowed in the colder winter months.
  • SWEATER: Solid purple or black to match the school uniform.  

ALL students are required to wear the school uniform daily, without exceptions. All student  The uniform policy is enforced at William K. Sullivan Elementary School.  Students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be sent to the main office.  A parent will be contacted and asked to bring the proper clothing.  

If a parent cannot be reached, the student will be given a warning letter.  The second offense will result in a conference with the parent and student.  The third offense will result in suspension of all classroom field trips, school events and or after-school activities.  Lastly, the student will not be eligible to be a student of the month, receive P.B.I.S. recognition or placed on the Honor Roll.

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