New Sullivan partners with C.A.P.E.!

 CAPE inspires students to be passionate about their education by weaving visual and performing arts into their classroom lessons. To bring academic subjects to life through art, CAPE partners teaching artists with Chicago Public School teachers to develop original, creative lesson plans. These lessons integrate music, dance, drama, digital art, video and photography into classrooms; and, they also expand learning beyond school walls into community sites like art studios, performance halls and exhibit spaces.

C.A.P.E. Video Enrichment Activites:

Mr. Jordan #7: Find Inspiration pt2 featuring Leana Allen and Katie Giritlian
Mr. Jordan: #6 Finding Inspiration
Check Out Your Dance Instructors:  Ms. Nicholson and Ms. Leana
Mr. Jordan: #5 Being Creative with Beats
Dream Fitness
Mr. Jordan: Researching things in our own home
Dream Fitness @Home:
Mr. Jordan: Scattergories:
Mr. Jordan
Gratitude Journal:
CAPE Video 1: Show & Tell
Mr. Jordan: #1: Exquisite Corpse
Mr. Jordan: #2: Scattergories | New Sullivan Elementary CAPE after school
FILM 101 EP. 1 2020: Introduction
FILM 101: EP.2 2020 - Pre-planning
Yarn Text Art Project
Paper Weaving 3D Object
CAPE Cooking Project
Mr. Gore explains how to download and use Metronome
Mr. Gore gives brief explanation of rudiments, showing students how to locate and understand them
Movement Class w/Ms. Leana for CAPE/New Sullivan
Into to Stage Adaptation
Stage Adaptation Series: Reading the Book Pt.1


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