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Announcements 2017/2018

In partnership with the CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness, the Greater Chicago Food Depository will be offering SNAP and Medicaid application assistance at New Sullivan Elementary. Rhonie Hendee, Benefits Outreach Coordinator, will be available every Monday and Wednesday from 8:00am-4:30pm. Feel free to stop in room #116 (across from the security desk) or all for more information: (773) 535-7430

  • School Uniforms:
    ALL New Sullivan students MUST wear a “New Sullivan Branded” polo shirt. Shirts can only be purchased from New Sullivan School.  Pre-K through 7th Grade students must wear all black. 8th Grade students ONLY, will wear black bottoms and purple shirts.
    Shirts will be available for purchase all summer and cost $10.00 ($10.50 for XL and up). 

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William K. NEW Sullivan Elementary School
Mrs. Kathy McCoy, Principal

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    (773) 535-6585
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    8331 South Mackinaw
    Chicago, IL 60617